China: Ancient Empire---New Horizons

As a tourist, one will discover the North, South, East and West China as a land of contrasts from historical dynasties of 2000 BCE to the emerging China Incorporated of 2014.

Witness the Steppes, Forests and Metropolises from X’ian to Kashgur of Northern China to the mountainous land of the Sichuan pandas, to the land of Fish and Rice in East China to the land of Silks and Spice of Marco Polo’s South West China and the land of Rivers, Mountains and Poetry called the Gateway to the World from the Pearl River Delta to the Karst mountains of Guilin.

The cradle of Chinese Civilization from the past to the present is yours to experience in our journey through the Heart of China.

  • Buying pearls Xiamen
  • buying pearls
  • chinese opera
  • cloisonne
  • great wall
  • Guilin 20 yuan
  • Hakka earthern houses
  • Lijiang river cruise Guilin
  • old chinatown
  • Reed flute caves
  • Rickshaw ride Beijing
  • shanghai
  • temple of heaven
  • terra cotta warriors


Irresistible Cultural/Business Tour
"Four Quadrants of China" 2015


Twenty-first century China is composed of 22 different provinces, four prefecture cities-Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, Chonqing; two special administrative regions-Hong Kong and Macau; and five autonomous regions-Guangxi, Inner Mongolia, Xinjiang, Ningxia, and the Tibetan Autonomous Region (TAR). In 1987, Deng Xiaoping relaxed the rules of business ownership from non performing government assets to encourage competition and innovation and unintentionally created entrepreneurial oil.

The new class of business ownership, the town and village enterprise (TVE) has created China's market economy. The TVE share of China’s industrial output rose from 9% in 1978 to 30% in 1991. By the mid-1990’s the majority of TVE’s are privatized and sold to individual owners.

Today, the private sector produces over 40% of China’s GDP and is rising. Imagine the unexpected events one encounters on your introductory day to day business visitation to China.

To provide an introductory cultural and business orientation for people wishing to visit China that combines business and recreation in a Chinese cultural context.

  • Cultural tour of seven provinces in the four quadrants of China
  • Customized business tours for small groups while on tour to observe Chinese business practices/ operations
  • To understand and manage cultural differences in a new world of business;
    • Background briefing
    • Historical perspective
    • Negotiating in China
    • Business courtesies
    • Business etiquette
    • Guidelines for doing business
    • Cross-cultural barrier

Trip Includes:

  • Air Canada return
  • Air China/4 internal flights 
  • Five Star American Hotels
  • 3 delicious meals each day
  • Certified English  guides
  • Tour leader (China’s top 50)
  • Air conditioned  buses
  • All admission fees (museums, etc.) 
  • 2 aquatic tours
  • Customized cultural shopping
  • UNESCO World Heritage Sites




  • Trekking up the Great Wall
  • Discover secrets of the Forbidden City
  • Walking Historic Tiananmen Square
  • Rickshaw ride through ancient Hutongs
  • Marvel at the 2008 Beijing Olympic Site
  • Experience ancient Chinese Medicine
  • Strolling on the Walled City of Xian
  • Fathom ancient Terra Cotta warriors
  • Photos on the  Lianjiang river cruise
  • Buy rugs, silk, jade, pearls,duvets,art
  • Interact with Chengdu Sichuan pandas
  • Fujian Ceremonial green tea sipping
  • Exotic Nanning falls, Vietnam border
  • Explore Reed flute stalagmite cave
  • Barter in large diverse flea markets
  • Observe the east/west cultural divide

Value Pricing (Eliminates Retail Mark-up)

Cost of Package: $5900 CAD

***Customized/Experienced Organizers/China Tour Operator (Established 25 yrs.)

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